End-of-line test with IPM: Only products of the highest quality roll off the line

Wednesday September 14th, 2016Process Data Management, Quality Assurance

    csp-software_ipm-end-of-line_industrie-4CSP GmbH & Co KG has provided its software IPM with an end-of-line test which automatically detects quality defects.

    With an end-of-line test, the software IPM ensures even more security and quality in production. Intelligent automated inspections that immediately detect deviations in the production line have been integrated into the new module of manufacturer CSP GmbH & Co. KG following the approach of industry 4.0. This comprises element tracing, which allows for the gathering of information that has to be provided by the manufacturer with regard to statutory product liability and recalls. The system is self-learning and monitors completeness and accuracy of products. The system recognizes, e.g., whether the required seals, the correct pistons and turbochargers have been sheeted into a motor, and whether the sheeted parts are in accordance with the planned design. An important factor thereby is completeness of the inspections and a high performance. The software generates extensive reports, which significantly facilitate the removal of quality defects.
    The end-of-line test of CSP automatically detects product combinations and generates schemes of these combinations, which are saved as a template. During the production process, the newly manufactured products are then counterchecked with the templates. Indications for the template are item numbers and part codes. A parameterization is not necessary. However, it is possible to manually create schemes and to specify a template for the countercheck.


    Constructive changes will be recognized by the end-of-line module reliably and automatically. The software recognizes if changes on the add-on part have been made by development, even if these changes are only minimal compared to the initial product. With the automated reporting system AMS (German: „Automatisches Meldesystem“), an accompanying add-on, a report will additionally be generated, and can be send to a specific group of people via e-mail. For instance, the system is able to generate a daily report showing the deviations for every individual template and containing an additional warning to change the template if a specified threshold is exceeded. This way, quality ensurance of the products of the respective production line continues to be ideal with IPM.


    CSP-CEO Mario Täuber: „Especially in the automobile sector, high quality and security are the alpha and omega. Naturally, the manufacturers want to eliminate recalls and image damage due to inadequate product quality as far as possible. In this context, the end-of-line test helps in particular. It examines whether the components are correctly used and inspects the number of components of the product. Thus, the system not only recognizes defective quality, but also minor details and even minimal deviations.”



    This video will give you further information on Integrated Process Data Management!



    Author: Leonie Walter, Walter Visuelle PR GmbH