Electronic data acquisition instead of paper chaos: Quality deficiencies, errors and trends must be detected quickly in production

    Elektronische Datenerfassung2_ENCSP GmbH & Co. KG optimises quality assurance: Process data from machines and production stations is reliably assessed in an integrated system


    Electronic analysis requires an integrated system to which all machines and production stations can be linked via open interfaces. All process data supplied by the machines is uniformly captured and administrated in the integrated system. A special benefit is created through an alarm that can be triggered when defined limits have been exceeded. “Just in time” production can thus be monitored and, if necessary, process steps can be corrected, repeated or faulty components discarded. The system can be set to allow also for the quick detection of constantly reoccurring irregularities by triggering a warning. This can be the case, for example, if ten parts per day were defective on the machine. The alarm can then be sent to a responsible employee or a team by SMS or email to allow readjusting the affected machine.


    The natural limits of manual recording paper-based documentation become especially apparent in reporting. Electronic acquisition of measured values allows for their diverse analysis and reporting. Presenting a process diagram over various periods, visualising tolerances and parameters as well as making trend statements is now only a matter of pushing a button.

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    On this basis quality assurance in production can now be further continuously optimised: Error trends within tolerance limits, for example, can be spotted much easier with graphic presentations than with manual documentation. Additional optimization potential through individual measured values: This is possible, for example, when tolerances need to be fine-tuned or the station with the highest error rate in the process requires analysing. Product quality can be quickly checked and improved based on the reports and findings.


    CSP GmbH & Co. KG with its IPM software has specialised in integrated process data management for this demanding area of quality assurance in production.


    More information is available in this video!



    Author: Leonie Walter, Walter Visuelle PR GmbH