Easier search and administration of long-term archives

    CHRONOS_CSP_version _4.10CSP GmbH & Co. KG updated its database archiving solution Chronos to latest version 4.10 adding various optimizations


    CSP’s solution for database archiving Chronos is now available in its latest version 4.10. With the help of Chronos, companies gain legal security by archiving database contents, control their database growth and reduce costs. The software maker based in Großköllnbach in Lower Bavaria has further improved the software in its latest release, offering easier application for administrators and users. Highlights of the update include an optimized search specifically for the tree structure of the Chronos Archive Explorer with a filter for forms and description pages as well as a status page listing clear information for quick bug fixing for the support. This includes, e.g., the status of the Chronos Server relevant for the web client. Another improvement is the introduction of multi-parameters and parameter groups. In addition, several users can now use the Chronos Web Designer simultaneously without losing any settings.


    With a new function for clearing up the Chronos Web Designer tree, adjusting the basis data (including the used archive configuration or reports for the database) is much easier. The information tree can thus be edited and revised in a few steps. If the respective criteria has been selected, this data can be deactivated, activated, deleted or moved in the long-term archive. A prior export is possible as well to restore the old status if necessary.


    The design of the form has been improved as well. The arrangement of every single parameter can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements for a clearer display on the desktop, simplifying the settings definition.


    Extended form parameter functions leave nothing to be desired. More settings have been added to the already comprehensive options, allowing users to add value ranges and multiple values as well as search in different constellations. Area parameters can also be combined with multiple values, therefore helping users to search and research faster and more efficiently than ever before.


    The Chronos Web Designer has been optimized to inform a group of users who is simultaneously accessing the same data about changes early on. A user may then react by either overwriting changes or loading the current data and further editing it. In case of uncertainties, several versions of the data can be loaded via revision numbers. This process avoids data loss, error saves or wrong displays of components during database archiving.


    “We have implemented several new features in the latest Chronos version which significantly simplify the operation and research in the archived databases for the user. If, e.g., an obsolete database has to be searched due to legal reasons, even complex search queries can now be carried out much faster and easier”, says Frank Werner, Sales Manager at CSP.



    Author: Leonie Walter, Walter Visuelle PR GmbH