Database archiving meets Amazon

Thursday October 12th, 2017Chronos, Database Archiving

    Amazon S3 and Chronos V5 now offer perfect interaction for successful archiving


    For some time now, a de facto standard has become prevalent in the world of storage systems: Amazon S3. The mail order company Amazon started its storage web service in 2011. The success story of this product is overwhelming. Numerous reputable companies have been counting on S3 ever since and store their data in this highly available cloud solution.


    Chronos, the solution for database archiving of CSP GmbH & Co. KG, now takes up this service in its new version 5. The software places inactive data from databases into a storage system, thus saving costs. The manufacturer offers to its customers to quickly and easily store data from many diverse databases in Amazon S3 via Chronos. Previously, this has only been possible with other storage systems such as EMC, SAMFS and HSM. Amazon guarantees a secure storage of data in the cloud. Therefore, a reliable storage of the data saved via Chronos is still provided and all compliance guidelines, internal ones as well as those stipulated by lawmakers are continuously met. Chronos guarantees long-term readability and revision-proof archiving of data.


    Since, as compared to other storage systems, S3 is a cloud application, maintenance is the sole responsibility of Amazon. This leads to tremendous cost saving with regard to hardware and personnel. A further advantage in the interaction of Chronos and Amazon: Users may access the archived data worldwide.


    Apart from a nearly limitless scalability of the disc storage, Amazon S3 is also characterized by an extremely high availability of 99.9 per cent. At the same time, operation is 100 per cent done by Amazon, which means that costs arise only for the used storage space.


    Something that Chronos users can also expect once the new version 5 is out: Archiving of Postgre-SQL-databases will be supported. Moreover, the user management system has been expanded by numerous features. In addition, much has been done on the interface to make the software more intuitive. For example, it can now be customized by applying user-specific colors and offers the possibility to display several illustrations, e.g. regarding job details and archive overview, at the same time.


    If you are interested, this video offers a variety of further information on Chronos.