CSP under new management

Tuesday April 2nd, 2019General

    As of 1 April 2019, Alexander Cocev takes over management at CSP. He will be supported by three directors with power of representation rights.


    Neue Geschäftsleitung bei CSP


    The company CSP with its headquarters in Großköllnbach has shown significant growth in the past years. After the construction of two new office buildings, the opening of another company site in Hannover and EOS Capital Partners joining the company, an additional milestone has now been put in place.


    With the beginning of the new business year 2019/2020, the management of CSP has been restructured. Hermann Pellkofer and Mario Täuber have handed over management of the company to Alexander Cocev as of 1. April 2019. He has thus become managing director of CSP. Alexander Cocev has been employed with CSP since 2002 and has contributed significantly to the progress and success of the company. In the past year, he has been given commercial power of representation. With Korbinian Hermann, Eduard Spachtholz and Patricia Hausinger, three new directors with such power of representation are now at his side in the management team. All three are already carrying responsibility in their field of work at CSP. Hermann Pellkofer and Mario Täuber will continue being active for CSP in the function of management advisors and expert consultants. A generation change has been carried out with this step. For both previous managing directors, a decisive reason for their decision was that CSP head towards a continuously successful future and that the new management team grow from within the company and give new impulses to the business.


    Already in 2016, CSP has been awarded “Growth Champion 2016” by the news magazine Focus and the online statistics portal Statista. In the past five years, the company was able to triple the number of its employees.