With new investor, CSP is setting course for expansion

Friday November 24th, 2017General

    A group of investors counseled by the owner-managed investment company EOS Capital Partners (“EOS”) has taken over the majority of the CSP Software Group (“CSP”) from Großköllnbach in Lower Bavaria. Together, they want to further expand CSP’s strong position on the market.


    CSP – Enabler of digitalization, internet of things and big data


    Großköllnbach, 24th November 2017. In the industrial sector, digitalization is moving forward at a rapid pace, and along with it the increasing networking of products, value chains, and business models. In the years to come, the already remarkable degree of digitalization will significantly increase once again as part of industry 4.0 – and along comes the challenge for large, but also for small and medium-sized companies in Germany and abroad.


    As a leading supplier of software solutions in the area of CAQ (“Computer-Aided Quality Assurance”) and database archiving management, CSP already offers a comprehensive and high-performance product portfolio customized to perfectly fit their customers’ needs. Thanks to extensive quality assurance, complete process data recording with predictive maintenance, total productive maintenance modules up to intelligent long-time archiving of vast amounts of data, the customers can create their processes to be more transparent, more efficient – and thus a lot cheaper. Due to the high innovative strength of CSP as well as the reliability of their highly flexible and manufacturer-independent products, the team from Großköllnbach has managed to achieve a significant double-digit growth since 2014. They now plan on continuing this trend in the next few years.


    Setting course for expansion with EOS


    “We are happy to have searched and found a suitable strategic partner”, says Hermann Pellkofer, managing director of CSP. “It was not only important for us to take the right experts on board – experts who support us in the challenges we face such as growth, internationalization and digitalization. It also mattered a lot that we found a partner that was right for our team and us as a person”, adds Mario Täuber, also managing director of CSP.


    “The goal of this partnership is to further expand the manufacturer-independent software provider in the digital sector. Highly-flexible CSP solutions are already utilized by customers in 30 countries all over the world today. In the future, small and medium-sized companies, too, as well as international customers will be more of a focus point”, explain EOS partners Philipp Wegener and Peter Winkler.


    The transaction was successfully completed in mid-November 2017. The founders of CSP, Hermann Pellkofer and Mario Täuber, will continue and stay with the company as managing partners. The rest of the team, too, will be there for its customers as usual; a change of contact persons is not planned.


    About CSP


    Since its foundation in 1991, the CSP group has gradually expanded its position in the areas of CAQ and database management and currently offers four software programs with a total of more than 200 modules. Long-standing customers are, among others, a large part of the automobile sector as well as manufacturing companies from the sectors of aviation, consumer goods, power technology, medical engineering as well as companies in the service and financial service sector. Further information is available at: www.csp-sw.com


    About EOS Capital Partners


    EOS Capital Partners is a long-term oriented investment company that, via selected entrepreneurs, invests in healthy medium-sized enterprises located in the area of Germany/Austria/Switzerland that have a high potential for growth.