CSP invests in new business location USA

Tuesday July 7th, 2020General

    More customer proximity and better response to the needs of the American market: CSP Holding GmbH founds its first North American location in Youngsville on the east coast of the USA.


    Claus Buchsteiner Managing Director CSP US Inc. Standort Raleigh Charlotte, North Carolina


    The German software manufacturer CSP has been demonstrating its expertise in the market for 30 years and last year in over 500 projects, the majority of them international. A central component of the company’s philosophy is to provide optimal on-site support for customers in meeting the challenges of digitization and automation, as well as to promote quality improvement and cost reduction. A cornerstone of the current realignment of the company is growth in international markets. One of these is now being realized with the American location in Youngsville, North Carolina. The aim is to open up new markets and to position itself even more strongly internationally in the future, but also to efficiently advise and support CSP customers locally.


    “Our long-time IT project manager and consultant Claus Buchsteiner will lead CSP US Inc. and build it up for us”, says CSP Managing Director Torsten Wenzel. The new office is located near the metropolis of Raleigh, where IMS is also based. This company is primarily active in the field of quality assurant industrial tools and is therefore an ideal sales partner. “Not only will our existing customers benefit from the choice of location. We can also support new industries more easily with our software products”, explains Managing Director CSP US Inc., Claus Buchsteiner.


    With the new location, the software manufacturer is closer to its customers, easier to reach and better able to respond to the challenges and needs of the American market. Further openings are already being planned.