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Your databases are getting slower and slower, storage costs are getting higher and higher, and you’re investing in more and more powerful hardware to handle the flood of data. What would you say if there was a solution that made it easier and more effective?

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Replacing legacy systems

  • CHRONOS identifies inactive data and converts it into an open, long-term secure format.
  • Inactive data is outsourced to storage systems and archived
  • Productive databases become smaller and performance better
  • Information is stored in an audit-proof, compressed form and for decades.
  • The complete database of an application can be compressed and archived cost-effectively using Application Retirement.
  • Legacy applications can be turned off completely.

In short

Advantages of Chronos

Better performance through slim databases

Long-term access to archived data

Compliance with internal company and legal regulations

Optimal protection against unauthorized access

Independence from database and storage vendors and CSPs

Reliable support of all common database versions

ROI is usually reached within a few months

Smaller operating costs (storage, personnel, and licensing costs)

Database too slow?

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