Process Data Management

Improve production management with new CAQ solution from CSP

Process Data Management

Innovative component tracking with IPM® RCS enables tracking according to ISO 9001 in real time, increases transparency on the shop floor and has a positive effect on the cost structure of manufacturing companies. Automated container tracking introduces itself as another feature.


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If components are integrated, bought in large batches or purchased from different suppliers, processing companies must maintain an overview and ensure traceability. What if there are low-quality batches among the supplies? Of course, this also applies if components suddenly turn out to be defective during the production process, for example due to incorrect assembly or if the FIFO principle has not been observed and parts have been stored for too long. No matter how it happens – if individual parts are defective or damaged, they can affect the functionality and safety of the end product. But what can be done to prevent this from happening in the first place? How to quickly figure out where defective parts are already installed?


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Preventing product liability damages: Reducing risks through preventive measures and process documentation

Database Archiving, Process Data Management, Quality Assurance

Anwalt1_ENHigh costs and reputation damages from production deficiencies can be effectively avoided. Measures such as batch tracking and process monitoring protect against third-party claims.


The combination of preventive measures as well as the documentation and regular analysis of production data helps producing companies protect themselves against product liability claims. Read More

Optimising worker orientation and instruction: Visual process instructions for workers make training programs in production dispensable

Process Data Management, Quality Assurance, Worker Guidance

Schulungen1Quality optimisation through illustrated worker guidance: Visual instructions let producing companies implement new work processes quickly and easily while avoiding errors


Visual instruction for the necessary operating steps in the production process with integrated control mechanisms produces high-quality work results and remarkable quality improvement. Read More

The 6 golden rules for handling process data in production

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- gesamt sw_ENFault-free production according to the “Poka-Yoke” principle is the focus for the software manufacturer CSP.


Errors in production can be extremely costly for the manufacturing industry. CSP GmbH & Co. KG has now prepared a list of the golden rules that must be followed in production monitoring and thus reliable and largely fault-free manufacturing. Read More