Database Archiving

High-performance archive search: Database archiving software gains significant speed

Chronos, Database Archiving, Process Data Management

Performance Package One now makes searching the Chronos archive up to 50 times faster. The feature is available as of Chronos version 5.3.0.




Especially when large amounts of data are searched in the Chronos archive, this could sometimes take a long time in the past – depending on hardware and network. A continuously increasing volume of data in the archive also reduced performance when searching for data.


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Container technology: Lower costs, significantly more performance

Database Archiving, Process Data Management, Quality Assurance, Worker Guidance

CSP integrates Docker containers into its products. Their level of high availability, scalability and resource-saving use makes them the ideal partner for IT managers.


Container-Technologie Docker


Container technology is becoming more and more established replacing virtual machines. This is primarily because they are suitable for applications that are more static and do not change often, whereas containers are much more flexible and make frequent updates possible in a simple way. This technology is therefore ideal for applications with varying workloads. “Containers can be used across operating systems and are highly available. If one quits, the next one steps in. Just like a train, containers can be easily connected and disconnected as needed,” explains Stefan Hammermüller, Strategic Product Manager at CSP.
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Automotive group relies on database archiving for another 25 years

Chronos, Database Archiving

Archiving solution by CSP ensures long-term availability of important data for automotive customer. The company thus protects its production knowledge and easily complies with legal requirements.




Since 2014, the database archiving software Chronos has already been archiving the entire assembly data of a Bavarian automobile and motorcycle manufacturer. In its assembly database, the company manages all the data and plans needed to build its vehicles. “The data is extremely important to our customer, but also changes several times a day. They can be used to trace how a vehicle was built in a particular plant”, explains Florian Hartl, the responsible Key Account Manager.

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Feedback requested: Release Candidate OPC40451-1 ready for launch

General, Chronos, Database Archiving, Process Data Management, Quality Assurance, Worker Guidance

Working group for joining technologies presents OPC UA Companion Specification. The aim of the cooperation is to maintain manufacturer independence in terms of machines, tools and bolting systems. Their unified, fast and cost-effective connection and the reduction of integration complexity in industrial automation are amongst others the focus topics.


OPCUA_VDMA_Release Candidate CSP


Bolting systems consist of numerous components that can now be modeled in a standardized way: Controllers, tools, storage devices, sensors, cables or even batteries, for example. Application areas are IT asset management, condition monitoring, result management and event management.


The German Engineering Federation, VDMA, recently conducted a study on interoperability in mechanical engineering among more than 600 companies in its sector. The results show that the goal of interoperable interfaces such as OPC UA must be to map production systems universally.

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Searching across archives and mathematical functions: These new features support working with archive data

Chronos, Database Archiving

The database archiving software CHRONOS of CSP GmbH & Co. KG offers two new functions. Searching across archives and mathematical functions make working with data easier and even more efficient


DB Archivierung archiving CHRONOS Archive Explorer CAE


Searching across archives: Parallel searches on different archives


Archived does not automatically mean, that files sink without a trace forever. Sometimes, at some point they are still needed after all. This then means: searching. Read More

Continuous database archiving: If archiving jobs are too large for one day

Chronos, Database Archiving

Chronos allows for individual splitting of an archiving day into several archiving packages


CSP GmbH & Co. KG has developed a module for the database archiving software Chronos that makes it possible to split the archiving process of an archiving day. The continuous archiving solution can be acquired as a license expansion and offers the possibility of another archiving mode. This has the advantage that very large archiving data sets can be archived in small time slices.

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Database archiving meets Amazon

Chronos, Database Archiving

Amazon S3 and Chronos V5 now offer perfect interaction for successful archiving


For some time now, a de facto standard has become prevalent in the world of storage systems: Amazon S3. The mail order company Amazon started its storage web service in 2011. The success story of this product is overwhelming. Numerous reputable companies have been counting on S3 ever since and store their data in this highly available cloud solution.

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