AWS Solutions Architect Certification

Thursday March 18th, 2021General

    Amazon Web Services, or AWS for short, is becoming practically indispensable for companies that work with the cloud. With over 200 services, it is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform in the world. Our colleague Ben is now certified as a Solutions Architect with AWS.


    AWS-Solutions-Architect CSP


    CSP: Ben, how did your certification work?


    Ben: Very good! Via online education I was able to build up the basic knowledge in the subject. To help you explore this in more depth, Amazon offers various whitepapers and FAQs on its services. Since theoretical knowledge alone is not enough for a certification, I also gained practical experience by setting up as many systems as possible in AWS myself. I have invested about 120 hours since the beginning of the year to prepare for the exam. I was able to do most of it during working time at CSP. Additionally, I then got more involved with AWS every now and then and took trial exams in my spare time.


    CSP: What is the benefit of the certificate that you have finally received?


    Ben: I now have in-depth knowledge of a major part of the services of AWS, their deployment areas and configuration, as well as in the planning of cloud-based and hybrid systems. This involves, for example, how a network must be set up in AWS to ensure the security of the products. Or which services, among others from the areas of servers, storage and network, are the right ones for our application to guarantee availability and reliability while optimizing costs. The advantage for our products is, of course, that we will also be able to provide them in the cloud in the future.