Automotive group relies on database archiving for another 25 years

Wednesday June 30th, 2021Chronos, Database Archiving

    Archiving solution by CSP ensures long-term availability of important data for automotive customer. The company thus protects its production knowledge and easily complies with legal requirements.




    Since 2014, the database archiving software Chronos has already been archiving the entire assembly data of a Bavarian automobile and motorcycle manufacturer. In its assembly database, the company manages all the data and plans needed to build its vehicles. “The data is extremely important to our customer, but also changes several times a day. They can be used to trace how a vehicle was built in a particular plant”, explains Florian Hartl, the responsible Key Account Manager.


    For several years, this data has been continuously and permanently stored with the application on a storage device. The archiving also included CSV files in a format from the sixties. This was challenging in the beginning. But the solution quickly got it under control. “The project is primarily about transferring all the data from the assembly database to Chronos and then store it for 25 years. We run the servers through Amazon Web Services”, Hartl continues.


    Storage takes place in the customer’s central archive. This is also where all the data from IPM resides, also a CSP solution that the company uses for ongoing analysis of its production data. These must be retained due to legal requirements. With Chronos, this information is secured for the company in the long term and is also stored in an audit-proof manner. “Our customer can rely on the fact that his data are stored unchangeably and can be transferred back to his productive database at any time if required”, Hartl continues.