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ait_freiAIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Herr Andrew Lindley

CHRONOS, a commercial product well designed for scalability and industrial needs, provides a rich set of tools and end-user applications that allow both to export a physical database archive and to operate on top. CHRONOS provides all mandatory bits at the required level of complexity to accomplish the challenges of the ongoing/ continuous and partial archiving scenario. Core features include running SQL92 queries on top of the archived data with database like performance, support for revisions, syntactical and semantical schema modifications, resolving cyclic dependency, external referential integrity handling, a full blown access control and data retention layer, etc. Besides the core functionality CHRONOS provides support for the use case of application retirement with tools that allow re-modeling of business objects, application logic and reporting functionality and by being able to directly serve as middleware layer for legacy applications. The rich set of programmatic interfaces allows both to integrate with most of the system’s functionality as well as to grant access to data via standard mechanism as JDBC.


Andrew Lindley – IPRES 2013 – INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PRESERVATION OF DIGITAL OBJECTS, 10, Database Preservation Evaluation Report – SIARD vs. CHRONOS, Lisboa, 2013, ISBN 978-972-565-493-4

Schlecker-CSP-SoftwareAnton Schlecker e.K.i.I.

Bankruptcy. Lights out. Systems down. Former drugstore chain Schlecker can’t and won’t have it as easy as that. Many have followed Schlecker’s bankruptcy story in the media in June of 2012. CSP was picked to handle the archiving of all of Schlecker’s databases. Learn all about the archiving process here:


Success Stories

Anton Schlecker drug store chain: Obligation to producing supporting documents are met even after bankruptcy

bmw-logo_200BMW Group

Ms. Ursula Richter, Process-IT/Design for operative quality, BMW Group Munich
We would like to thank your team for the excellent performance during the project which, as we all agree, was significantly above average in contrast to comparable project partners. Besides the high quality and adherence to deadlines, we especially appreciate the reliability even in supposedly small matters. Put in simple words: there is no need to chase after CSP contacts. Instead, they carry out the topics assigned to them. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to your team. We are sure that the implementation will be equally successful and look forward to a challenging performance stage 2 this year.


Thomas Köglmeier, Control Planning Electrification, BMW AG Landshut/Dingolfing

In search of an alternative to our current worker guide for single work stations, we have discovered CSP’s software solution. We have been using CSP’s system IPM extensively in our production with very positive results, both from the software and CSP’s support. That is also why we were open to try another CSP solution, IPM PG. The detailed graphical representations of the work steps, the easy adaptability, the comprehensive functionalities as well as IPM PG’s openness have helped us make the decision to get IPM PG. It already features a connection to CSP’s process data management system IPM, allowing for a seamless integration of data into the existing quality data pool. IPM PG also fits perfectly into our quality monitoring and the control circuits for permanent quality optimization. The standard connection options to a large number of additional components, such as bolting technology from various suppliers or scanners, further reduces the need for special custom solutions. We are also getting excellent support for IPM PG, just as we have already experienced with IPM.


Mr. Schmitt, Planning and Analysis Bolting Technology, BMW Group Berlin 

With the help of IPM – the software for integrated process data management – we can quickly see which plants cause the biggest issues and we are able to react immediately. We can also quickly analyze and narrow warning limits for new models, so that changes at the bolting positions can be detected early on – which significantly decreases our error rate. In addition, I can provide this real-time data to my colleagues any time using great reports and user-friendly web applications. As we are using the quality management system QS-Torque in combination with a bolting process database, every bolting process is connected to a bolting position. This allows us to look at all development changes and adjust tools as needed, running the risk of overlooking a bolting position to zero. With Chronos, the integrated archiving solution, I can also retrieve older data for our quality specialty divisions. If problems occur, we always get immediate support from CSP, even if our designated contact person is not available at the time.


Mr. Eisenreich, Bolting Technology Engine Manufacturing, BMW Group Munich

All in all I am very pleased with CSP’s services and products. You can see professionalism in all areas.
As a long-standing customer of CSP I get to enjoy lightning-fast and competent responses to my support requests. The IPM support team always provides me with advice and support. The 6x24h support allows for clarification of urgent issues at any time at day and night. What we like about IPM is the manufacturer-independent process data acquisition which enables all our plants to be connected. We also benefit from the large variety of evaluation functionalities which are commonly used e.g. for analyses of bolting procedures or press-in operations. The curve display option including the distance calculation and the curve navigator are indispensable tools for our specialist department bolting technology and quality. Another advantage is IPM’s user-friendly interface that helps you quickly get the information you require. Special praise goes to CSP’s processing of modification requests from the client which are, if possible, always carried out on time with a „change“ announcement beforehand and without any problems. Since IPM’s introduction in 2004, it has been an essential quality tool at the entire BMW plant Munich (and now also worldwide).


Mr. Arun Prasad, Senior Manager Maintenance and EE Process, BMW AG India

If you’re in the project business you know about the challenges that have to be faced every day. It’s all the more rewarding if we receive our clients’ praise. A CSP employee was on site at BMW Chennai/India in October. As our project manager sums up his experience with our quality assurance software QS-Torque: “Great tool, great tool!”


Success stories

Database archiving with Chronos reduces storage costs at automotive manufacturer

Mercedes Benz AGMercedes-Benz_CSP

Mr. Michael Wagner, Engineer, Mercedes Benz AG Untertürkheim

CSP GmbH & Co. KG in Großköllnbach for me is highly competent when it comes to technical issues with IPM. The assistance provided by the support is uncomplicated, quick and always very client-friendly and pleasant. Due to our support contract we’re always up to date with the integrated process data management IPM. The associated updates are precisely planned, coordinated and thoroughly executed. To sum it up, it is a great pleasure to work with CSP.


Michael Klettenburg, Technical Services and Cross-Divisional functions W068 Electrical Planning, Mercedes Benz AG, Hamburg plant

It was a great collaboration!

knorr-bremse-50pxKnorr-Bremse AG

Mr. Koller, Segment Manager CoC BC, Knorr Bremse Munich

The introduction of the worker guide IPM PG has been very rewarding for us at the Munich location. The software has measurably optimized our assembly procedures and we will recommend IPM PG to our other locations as well. The project cooperation with CSP has always been trustful and target-oriented. We consider the direct contact to CSP’s developers as particularly positive. Thus, any issues that occurred could always be solved very quickly.

MAN_300pxMAN Truck & Bus AG

MAN Truck & Bus AG is the largest company within the MAN group and one of the leading international suppliers of commercial vehicles and transport solutions. The Munich plant now works with process data management system IPM in its axle production. Read more about MAN’s experience with IPM here:

Stadler_Logo_CSP_10cmStadler Winterthur AG

Ronny Böhler, head of bogie assembly and surface treatment, Stadler Winterthur AG

Stadler Rail AG is an internationally operating rail vehicle manufacturer based in Switzerland and brings high-quality trains with maximum precision to the tracks for their customers. The economically best solution is created by employing leading-edge technology. Reliability, quality, adherence to deadlines and partnership are the values the company follows. The IPM PG software is an important element of the quality assurance in Stadler’s production. Read more:


Success Stories

IPM PG worker guidance secures assembly processes at Stadler Winterthur AG

XCE-freiXCE Mianyang Xinchen Engine Co., Ltd.

Mr. He Zheng, Specialist of Information Construction for QIS/IPM, XCE Mianyang Xinchen, Engine Co. Ltd., China

Thanks for your long-term and kindly support. The project have been done quickly and successfully, I hope this period of time is very glad for you, and I will never forget it. I hope our cooperation is a pleasant in the future. But as I mentioned, we are not only partners, but also friends. So keep in close touch with each other. Deep gratitude and welcome to Mianyang once again.

What a bachelor’s degree candidate says about CSP

Mr. P. Glonner, bachelor’s degree candidate at a large automobile manufacturer, thanks us for the good work on his bachelor thesis

At this point I would like to thank you, Mr. Cocev, and also Ms. Nothaft. You have made a significant contribution to the success of my bachelor thesis and I would like to stress that here. Working together with CSP has been a lot of fun for me. You really have a great team and your co-workers were always helpful and friendly. Ms. Nothaft helped me out perfectly. Great job.