Archiving and documenting process data automatically

    Elektronische Datenerfassung2_EN6th golden rule of production: process data must be stored in long-term archives – neglect harbours product liability risk.


    Automated long-term archiving of process data is mandatory for manufacturing companies for several reasons. This is therefore rule number 6 of the six golden rules for quality assurance measured in the manufacturing industry compiled by CSP GmbH & Co. KG. A high degree of process data with mandatory storage is typical for production companies. The measuring and process data generated in the production process and transmitted by the stations and tools belong to the data of a company with mandatory archiving. Because of compliance requirements such as product liability it is important that this data is properly stored. In case of regress claims the manufacturer must produce evidence that, e.g. components were properly installed or jointing processes carried out correctly. With other words: Neglecting to archive the process data in long-term storage or if data is not legible, this harbours a major product liability risk.


    CSP therefore advises for a standard solution for the integrated process data management in which all measuring and process data from production is compiled and administrated. Such integrated process data management thereby supports all connected stations and tools in a manufacturer-neutral manner and enables the company-wide analysis of the manage data. Automated archiving can now be done in a bundled manner from this system.


    Elektronische Datenerfassung1_ENThe approach of outsourcing inactive data from the databases and archiving it on less costly storage media proves to be particularly efficient. Process data, for example, those from Manufacturing Executive Systems (MES), is roughly 90 percent inactive. Database archiving thus also affects the performance of the productive database. Backup and recovery times can also be carried out more productively because the data volume is altogether reduced.


    CSP GmbH & Co. KG with the database archiving solution Chronos offers a supplement to IPM for integrated process data management. Amongst others, the Chronos archive represents consistent data with all relevant relationships, which could be relevant especially for substantiation in case of a liability claim. The application also allows conducting comprehensive searched and relevant analyses.






    Author: Leonie Walter, Walter Visuelle PR GmbH